we’re here to make your production a success

"Shane and his team put their heart and souls into our production"

− Kevin Evans, Producer "Machine Gun Preacher Doco"

"They went above and beyond what I expected and embodied everything that is right about our industry."

− Adam Ciancio, Director "Vessel"

"They're dancers with colour and care about the content they push into the world ... "

− Mark Diaco, Director "Halfway"

"Final Post gave us the assurance we could deliver an amazing product on-time without compromise"

− Jo Cadman, Producer "Day Job"

Who we are

Final Post is a colour and finishing house for film and television. Through agile post we seek to deliver the best possible finish through an efficient and creative process.

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][heading subtitle="the good... the bad... the ugly..."]As much as everyone jokes about the old adage of "Fix it in

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61-63 Parry Street, Newcastle NSW 2300
Phone: 02 4929 1555
Email: [email protected]

Agile Office:
Perth, WA
Phone: 0401 932 997
Email: [email protected]